Internet is overfilled with information about what to see in Moscow. Most of it more or less standard, for example: ‘to visit Kremlin’, ‘to try Russian food’, etc. Since Moscow is my native city and I know her strengths well, I decided make my own list, more detailed. I’ve chosen things that will show you its beauty and character and will make you love and understand it a little bit more. Also I will give you some useful tips that help you to do it the best way without spending a lot of money.

To see real Lenin on Red Square

This is unique case: in the centre of Moscow you can see the body of the famous Soviet leader – Vladimir Lenin, who died almost 100 years ago! He is in Mausoleum on Red Square. It’s not as unpleasant as it might seem. Lenin looks more like a wax figure. But the atmosphere is very solemn: everywhere twilight and silence. I very much recommend you to visit it! Especially since the entrance is free. Sometimes in a good weather there is a queue to the entrance, but it worth your time. And I advise you to hurry, because there are rumors about his imminent burial.

Another plus of visiting: to get to the Mausoleum, you need to go along the Kremlin wall, where you can see the burial places of such famous people as Stalin, Brezhnev, Gagarin and others.

Address: Red Square, Moscow (entrance is near the Nikolskaya Tower).
Opening hours: 10:00 – 13:00 on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, Sundays.

To try Russian dishes in the atmosphere of 19th century

You can do it in the most famous café ‘Pushkin, which is situated the centre of the city. Despite it is always crowded with tourist, the quality of food and service is always high class. For me it is the best restaurant in Moscow, which is absolutely worth the money. They recreated an atmosphere of Pushkin era. Here you feel like you are invited to some noble family’s dinner. Retro interiors, low lights simulating candles, waiters wearing old-fashioned dresses, and fine Russian cuisine. I’m sure you will love it!
Advice: ride the elevator.
Lifehack. The prices in this cafe are not very cheap, but during weekdays there are business lunches on fix price of 840 Rub (2 dishes + drink). Ask for a special menu.

To admire Moscow metro beauty

Moscow metro is the most beautiful in the world. It has more than 200 stations. If you don’t have enough time to see all of them, I advise you to visit the most interesing metro stations. You can use such route: Komsomolskaya (circle line) – Kropotkinskaya – Ploshchad Revolyutsii – Mayakovskaya – Novoslobodskaya – Kievskaya (line 3).
Best time to do it is late evening after 22:00 (metro works till 1:00) or on 1st part of weekend.


  • To make a wish at the station ‘Ploshchad Revolutsii’ you need to find a statue of dog and rub its nose. It will surely come true.
  • There is one more interesting station – ‘Vorobyovy Gory’ (line 1). It is situated on the bridge, has panoramic windows facing Moskva river. Here you can go out to take a walk in the green parks: ‘Vorobyovy Gory’, ‘Neskuchny sad’ or ‘Gorky Park’.

To see Russian classical ballet

Bolshoi Theatre is well known all over the world. Here they hold best ballet and opera performances. But sometimes the prices bite. If you can’t afford this ticket, there is one trick. There are two stages in Bolshoi: historic and new. The prices to the new one (which is adjacent building) is cheaper, but the shows are also very good.

Or I can advice you another good theatre – Stanislavsky Moscow Music Theatre. They hold very good classical ballet performances here, but the prices are lower. I prefer it more than Bolshoi for its chamber atmosphere and beautiful interiors.

To rise up to Ivan the Great Bell-Tower

It is situated within Kremlin walls. And I really insist to visit it and Kremlin itself, its churches and museums. Because this is a heart of Moscow, from here everything began. Here a history of Russian state was created, and now this is an official residence of Vladimir Putin.

To see it all at once you can rise up to Ivan the Great Bell-Tower. It is 81 meters tall, and the highest building in the Kremlin. You can see it from any part of Moscow. In the old days state decrees were announced from its porch. The scenery of the Cathedral Square, on which the Bell-Tower stands, has not changed for 400 years. The best view of Moscow opens from its top! To see it, you need to overcome 137 steps. But it’s worth it.

Price for visiting the tower: 250 Rub. If you want to visit other museums on the Kremlin’s territory, you can buy combined ticket. Here you will find all information.

Enjoy your trip to Moscow! And to be continued… Always yours, BE ♦