If we are travelling to another country, we always buy a little part of it – souvenir – to remember our journey or to make present for our friends. In this article I collected the most popular Russian souvenirs which you can easily buy in any supermarket and souvenir shop in Moscow, Saint Petersburg or other cities of Russia.


Who doesn’t know Russian vodka? This is an alcoholic drink of water and ethanol which is usually about 40% strong. Traditionally, vodka is made by the distillation of cereal grains or potatoes that have been fermented. It is famous all over the world for its quality and taste. So this is a very good souvenir to take with you. You can make cocktails or drink a frozen shot.

  • Price: from 500 ₽ (8 $) for 0,7 ml.
  • Where to buy: Moscow supermarkets (Diksi, Perekrestok, Margnolia, Aromatny Mir, Azbuka vkusa).
  • Advice. If you need many cheap but authentic souvenirs buy the small ones of 50 or 100gr. Price for such bottle begins from 100 ₽ (1,6 $).

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Pavlopasadsky platok (shawl)

Russian shawls known for its old traditions and finest elegance. The Pavlovo Posad shawls are made of 100% natural, high quality wool, designed by craft painters and produced at the well-known manufactory of  Pavlovsky Posad, a small town just outside of Moscow. Traditionally, women use Russian shawls as headwear or put them over their shoulders.

This souvenir will bring colors and authenticity to your image and will warm in winter. I’m wearing it myself.

  • Price: from 20$.
  • Where to buy: from this official site or in brand stores in Moscow, Saint Petersburg or at any souvenirs shops. Beware of Chinese fake!

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Red caviar (in a can)

Famous Russian product. Unlike black caviar, from sturgeon roe, which is the rarest and costliest type of caviar, red caviar is more affordable. It is made from salmon roe. It is ready to use. Good appetizer. Can is not very big, easy to take with you. Better to hold in cold. It is not only original souvenir but also a healthy, full of vitamins and minerals, food.

  • Price: from 8$ for 1 can (250gr).
  • Where to buy: Moscow supermarkets (Diksi, Perekrestok, Margnolia, Aromatny Mir, Azbuka vkusa).
  • How to use: traditionally we put it on white bread with butter (we call it ‘buterbrod’).

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Matryoshka Doll (Nesting Dolls)

Is a traditional Russian doll made of wood and painted by hand with colorful ornaments. This doll is one of the most popular souvenirs in Russia. Actually this is a set of dolls of different sizes placed one in another. The reason for that lies behind the name “Matryoshka.” The name “Matryoshka” came from the traditional Russian name “Matryona”. This name was associated with motherhood and fertility. The biggest doll symbolizes “mother” with her numerous “doll” family.

  • Price: from 8$ (5 dolls).
  • Where to buy: regular souvenir shops.

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Russian sweets (chocolate and caramel candies)

Almost all like sweets. So it is good idea to take Russian sweets as a souvenir. Especially Russia makes some incredible candy and chocolate of a very good quality and nice taste. There are sweets, the taste of which our mothers still remember. The most famous, probably, chocolate ‘Alenka’ with the girl’s face on the package. Do you know this is the drawing of the real girl?

  • Price: from 0,5$ for 100 gr.
  • Where to buy: in brand stores “Alyonka” in center of Moscow (signboard with girl’s face), or in almost any Russian shop.
  • Advice: ask a consultant give you the most popular candies.

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Have a nice journey to Russia! BE♦